Best Nature Walks in Norwich

The city of Norwich has journeyed through centuries with associations to great art, publishing and architecture that are unrivaled in Britain. It is a wonderfully vibrant city, rich with culture, history, literature, and of course - beautiful escapes to nature.

  • Published on 6th March 2017
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If you’re planning a visit to Norwich, you may find moments in-between high street shopping, fine dining and time-travelling through the city’s comprehensive history to relax and indulge in the graceful walks through nature the city has to offer. Which walks are best though? Here’s a list of my favourite escapes to nature in Norwich.

River Wensum

We start off with an excellent one. The River Wensum cuts through the entire city from east to west, providing a touch of tranquility as you journey around the centre of the city while avoiding the hustle and bustle.

The River Wensum, circling the heart of the city centre.

The north-eastern River Wensum walk is accessible from many points deep in the city, including the A147, Anglia Square and Riverside. Along the walk you’ll encounter many delightful points of interest, such as the medieval Cow Tower, various bridges including the Jarrold Bridge, and not forgetting the incredible Norwich Cathedral - prominently serving as a beacon, visible from any point on the journey.

The river flows across the north region of the city centre.

Eaton Park

Without a doubt my absolute favourite place to be in the entire city. Wrapped inside a quiet section of housing estates, Eaton Park offers an immersive stroll in typical British nature right on the city’s doorstep.

A view of one of the ponds at Eaton Park.

Situated on the west side of Norwich near the University of East Anglia, Eaton Park is a sure-fire way of clearing your mind, forgetting daily struggles and just bathing in peace and quiet. Within the park you’ll find straight pathways, extending from each end and surrounded by trees, with a coliseum at the centre serving as an architectural hub connecting the paths together.

Looking across the second pond Eaton Park offers, with the coliseum in the background.

University of East Anglia Broad

If Eaton Park wasn’t enough to quench the scenic thirst, there’s no need to travel far to find more. Literally over the road (Bluebell Road, to be precise) from the park is the University of East Anglia (UEA) Broad - a stunning lake open to the general public.

The UEA Broad bursts with colour in the Summer time.

The broad is known for its wide variety of bird life and for being a hotspot for recreational fishing, with a walkway around the water’s edge. It is twinned with a wondrous forest on its southern side, allowing an extended journey into scenic Norwich. Better still, free parking is available south of the broad and forest along Colney Lane.

A shot of a frozen UEA Broad in winter.

Whitlingham Broad

If your aim is to break free from the city entirely in search of a wander through nature, then look no further than Whitlingham Broad.

Whitlingham Broad stretches far into the distance.

As the name suggests, the Whitlingham Broad is an enormous body of water hosted in the Whitlingham Country Park on the south-east corner of the city. In fact, from end-to-end, the entire broad would fit inside the ring-road of Norwich, covering the entire city centre.

Beautiful reflections in harmonic conditions at Whitlingham Broad.

A pathway wraps around the edge of the entire broad along the water, allowing visitors a lengthy stroll around arguably the most beautiful landscape in the city, with a fantastic view of the broad every step of the way.

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